Top 50k on The DJ List


Chicago, United States

Hard Dance, Hip-Hop


Q. What does “Vialgo” stand for? (vee-all-go)

A. His name: Victor Alvia Gonzalez

At the young age of 12, Victor began his journey into the music scene by creating “booty mix tapes” for ten bucks in the Chicago area. Using only a double deck stereo as a mix tool and a 99-cent headphone as a Mic, Victor and his best friend began a series of mix tapes (Back Traxx) that reinforced his passion for music.

In 1996, DJ Kuba introduced the very first “Progressive Mix” to Chicago, although it is not recognized, it is true. Vialgo then took the style and combined it with his passion for Chicago Booty House and Hip Hop’s Booty Bass creating his own unique style: “Progressive HardHouse”. Progressive HardHouse was a style that combined the 808 bass, the “bouncy” percussion, the progressive melodies, and the ‘free expression’ emcee vocals with a touch of a German bass line. Shortly after releasing his 1st CD on February of 2000 titled “Progressive HardHouse”, Vialgo began his mark in the progressive scene growing unbelievably fast. By the age of 18, his unique style quickly earned the respect to headline next to DJ’s across the globe.

Today, DJ Funk has signed Vialgo (aka djv) to his label “Dance Mania Records”. They just released their 1st record World Wide on January 2005 headlining the very first “booty club” track “Perk-A-Late This” produced by DJV. Spending countless hours in the studio, Vialgo, a.k.a. DJV, hopes to bring the booty club style to the next level.

“One like no other” is a true statement that lies within his soul. From producing psychedelic beats to performing Hip Hop scratches, Vialgo is truly one of a kind. His ability to master music of all styles redefines the true meaning of “DJ”, one who possesses the ability to move a crowd of all genres; though this DJV has expanded his market of all races and groups. Aside from mastering Chicago’s Booty Bass music, DJV is currently producing Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Crunk, and Club Joints that will soon hit airwaves nationwide. Be on the look out for this unique DJ, Emcee, Producer.