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VF Caulfield is one alias used by artist Ryan Weaver. With over a decade of experience, he brings a dynamic view which propels his panoramic sound into a surreal journey. His approach, high quality music and sound presented in truly engaging, unique and entertaining way makes him a trusted persona of sound.

VF Caulfield started back in 1998 DJing with Rave Gear at parties and events around the Philadelphia area under the alias Dream Weaver. In a short time he was playing all over the North Atlantic with Eternal and BFreed Productions, not long after that he was playing across the country with crowds in the thousands.

In 2009 it became clear of VF Caulfield’s desire to go global, playing radio shows across the globe and teaming up with Labels and Music Communities such as New Zealand’s DeLicious Music (2010) and UK’s Twisted Grooves Recording (2011).