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Being a fan of Techno music, he was quick to respond to the occurrence of electronic music scene in Slovenia. Like most music lovers, he started as a spectator, following the scene’s progress until December of 1994, when he felt it was time to contribute his own thing. He began organizing parties. Always looking for new challenges, he moved to Amsterdam for three years to continue promoting parties. There, he also organized several parties with – now world-famous – Slovene DJ’s like DJ Umek, DJ Valentino Kanzyani and others.

In 1997, he got hold of a pair of turntables. Their brand name was Vestax, which (with the letter “s” changed into “z”) just happened to sound like a good name for a DJ. He became really enthusiastic about spinning records and became a frequent DJ guest of JazzClub in Kranj, Slovenia. Later on, he held a one year residency at the U-Bahn club. Combined with an impressive selection of vinyls, his DJ skills paved his way through European clubs (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Holland, Ireland, Spain, etc.).

He has played with world-famous DJ’s, including DJ Umek, Luke Slater, DJ Rush, Damon Wild, Jeff Mills, Blue Peter, Misjah, Valentino Kanzyani, Jesco Schuck, Miss Yetti, etc. He is DJing at all bigger party events in Slovenia, whilst remaining an excellent party-maker/organizer himself – at venues like Fort Bourgignon (Croatia), Underground Connection (MB), Contrast (Unec), etc. He does prefer intimacy of clubs (which admit up to 500 people) to big warehouse spectacles – however, his choice of places to play does not discriminate either. He believes his set, consisting of Tribal Techno with an occasional Tech-House flavoured intermezzo, works best with smaller club audiences. In such environment, he can make a more genuine contact with people.