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Helsinki, Finland

House, Techno

Cold Busted, Downdrill Records
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Dj Vexx has played already 9 years. During that time he tried himself in different styles of electronic music and participated in many events of night club life of different towns and cities. He prefers 4 styles, from which his set is built and mixed on three decks, beginning from house until techno-style.

Veikko Kiannu aka Dj Vexx is interested in electronic music since 1994 when he was deeply impressed by Prodigy. With the time electronic music has become the considerable part of his life. The first deep impression from electronic music he got on the huge rave party, where he was amazed by the work of DJs and by special atmosphere which they created on the dance floor. After that he decided to go in for DJ-ing. He was interested first in Hard House and Hard trance styles, which were 150 beat per minute. In 1997 he tried first time to use vinyl.

After that he organized with his friends several private parties, where the most popular styles were hard house, hard dance, trance and techno. In 2000 he performed in Helsinki in one popular club called ‘Pussy Club’ under his nick dj Vexx. After than successful effort he prolonged to play in different hard energy clubs. With the time he moved more and more in the direction of techno style. In 2002 he performed in St. Petersburg in one techno club where he was playing 3 hours set on 3 decks. After his performance in that club promoters often offered him contracts for playing in Russia and Estonia. In 2003 the TV-channel Muz-TV St. Petersburg represented the best rave of Autumn under name M-Py6ka 2, where Vexx was the head-leader of the party. Later that year he played special Energy Trance set on the party ’Trance Europe Express with such well-known European DJs as Perry ONeil-Locust, Niklas Harding and Redlight. In the end of 2003 he played on Russia annual rave party well-known as DJ Parad, where more then 15000 fans of music gathered to enjoy electronic music. In 2004 Vexx was the head-leader of OFFSHORE SHranz OpenAir in Saint-Petersburg. After short break he moved to more peaceful music such as House, Progressive House, Electro and of course Techno.