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Veselin Tasev

Sofia, Bulgaria


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Veselin Tasev was born in 1970 in Bulgaria. He has a mater degree in Psychology.

Still a schoolboy when he starts his DJ career in the beginning of 1988. Strongly attracted to the mixes and turntables “Technics sl1210mkII” from where comes the idea for his artistic pseudonym DJ MAXIMIX – maximum DJ mix. So in 1991 he starts his career as a professional DJ, certfied by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. He classifies himself as a Trance DJ.

His favourite style is Trance (Ballearic a.k.a. Uplifting). Works mainly with Progressive, Euphoric,Uplifting and Tech Trance. Other preferred styles durring the years are Club House, Latino House, Tech House and Tribal.

DJ-ing more than 15 years in some of the best Bulgarian dance clubs. He starts to work with the producer Steve O. (Stephen Ormanjiev) and the music company “JOE” (Sofia) from 1992, which has contracts with the following music companies: Hitland (Italy); Time (Italy); Dancework (Italy); ZYX (Germany); Media Records (England).

In the spring of 1993 he becomes a member of the newly founded DMC (Bulgaria) by DJ Steven.

At the end of 1993 he wins the national DJ contest for best mixing DJ and third place for best DJ host. Durring the contest he makes his first remixes: KK – “Talkin about” (DJ MAXIMIX vocal remix) and Staka Bo vs. Jezzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Here we go, boom shake the room”.

In 1994 DJ MAXIMIX releases his first dance-mix album “DJ Fiesta Party Mix” on a CD in a 10 000 copies print which is a record for Bulgaria for that time and 5000 copies on MC

In 1995 DJ MAXIMIX hosts the Radio 99’s prestigious chart TOP 20 , produced by Steve O.

The next success comes in 1996 when he records his second dance-mix album “Party Dance Mix ‘96” – live from a dance club with the assistance of “JOE” music company, which takes part in Media Records – best DJ mixes chart annual.

In the hot summer of 1997 DJ MAXIMIX records his first double CD dance-mix album named “The Sound of Earth” which includes some of the best trance hits.

At the beginning of 1998 he continues his mixed series with his fourth mix album named “100% Smash hit mix”

1999 was a very successful year for DJ MAXIMIX. Assisted by his producer Steve O. and “JOE” music company he releases 3 mix albums in three styles : (Latino; Eurohouse; Tech house) Samba Hit Mix; Discotheque Italia;17 Italian Club Traxx, He also records his second double CD “The Sound of the Sun Techno”. Again in 1999 he receives an offer from Stoycho Kerev, manager of radio “Hit 7” for a stand-alone radio show which he accepts with enthusiasm. The radio show is titled “Dancefloor Attack” and DJ MAXIMIX becomes its producer.

In the summer of 2000 DJ MAXIMIX has an incredible success along with his producer Steve O. by releasing a hit-mix “Latino 088” for the Bulgarian Mobile Company “MobilTel”, which is in 500 000 copies print. Later that summer he records a remix – Africa Bambaataa vs. Moby – Agharta/Honey.

In the winter of 2001 he records a live mix from a dance club during a live set. Since then besides DJ-ing, MAXIMIX is working intensively in the studio as well as realizing his own music projects.

In 2003 starts working on a studio project called “Esto me gusta” which he produces himself and makes 4 versions of the track. The maxi single is in Ballearic style.

He mixes four albums in 2003 and 2004 in Club House and Trance styles.

In the spring of 2004 DJ MAXIMIX releases his new trance single “My Dream” which comes in 3 versions. Days before the Olympic games in Athens DJ MAXIMIX makes a “whistle remix” of Playboyz – “Olympic games”. In august he mixes another compilation – “Summer Party Mix” inclcluding summer hits.

In September 2004 DJ MAXIMIX starts the making of his latest trance (ballearic) album. Meanwhile records a new trance mix – “Trance Culture 2004”. Its purpouse is to present DJ Maximix and to be broadcasted over club radio stations.

In 2005 he creates a new radio show named “MAXIMIX TOP 10 Future Hits” on radio “Zig Zag 93,9 FM” and “Extreme 90,3 FM” for all clubbing fans.

At the beginning of May 2005 DJ MAXIMIX becomes a member of the international DJ agency –

In June 2005 records a new single, named “One Night In Ibiza”. It is included in Trance Culture 2005" part 6 and 7 compilations.

At the beginning of March 2006 DJ MAXMIX records a new single, named “Eternity”. It is a Tech Trance track and it is presented in Trance Culture 2006 pt.3.

In August 2006 records his latest single in an Uplifting Trance style. The track is named “Veselin Tasev – Polarize” and is presented in Trance Culture 2006 pt.7. Later that month DJ MAXIMIX becomes a resident DJ of the worldwide TDP Radio (Belgium), which broadcasts Trance Culture 2006 around the world.

In october 2006 he releases a new version of Polarize (Original Rework), which is presented on the air ofTDP Radio as well as in Trance Culture 2006 pt.10 и pt.11

In the beginning of 2007 the bulgarian trance DJ signs with the belgian label Trance4M8, which releases the single “Polarize”. In February the italian producer and DJ – Gilbert Renoir, offers Veselin Tasev to participate in his mixshow on, which is one of the biggest electronic music radios in the world. After that show Veselin receives plenty of offers for a new mixshow, which he names “Digital Trance World”. It is broadcasted on the #1 trance & progressive radio in the world –

In May 2007 the DJ founds the first Bulgarian label for trance music – TCD Recordings and immediately releases the single “Sunny Wind”.

In the end of 2007 Veselin Tasev takes part of the biggest DJ show of the year, broadcasted on – “End Of Year Countdown” in which 170 from the finest DJs in the world play their sets. His rating after the show qualifies him among the first 30 DJs.

In 2008 Veselin Tasev released new single “After Sunset” it has taken 7th place in trance download chart in England. Many DJ supported this tune.

In 2009 He realized new single “Blue Light” after a few months he released new single “Blue Light Remixes” with 3 remixes. It was very successful project.Pedro Del Mar added “Blue Light (Arctic Moon Remix)” into his Mellomania step 16 compilation

In 2009 Veselin Tasev released new tunes “After Sunset 2009 REMIXES” – 17.09.2009.

In 2009 Veselin Tasev – Sunny Wind 2009 (Remixes).

In 2009 again Veselin Tasev pres. G&P – Vortex ( + remixes)

In 2010 Veselin Released one more amazing tune which was supported from most of the Djs. The tune is ”Veselin Tasev – Pacific waves”.

This tune is added in Markus Schulz`s compilation “Las Vegas 10” in 2010 year

Veselin Tasev has contracts with labels such as: Armada(2010), Klubstyle recordings (2009)