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“Hard, bangin’ beats, focused primarily at energizing and exciting the crowd” is how he came up with the name DJ Verve. He goes on to explain how he wanted his name to somehow signify the hard, bouncy, energetic style of NRG/UK Hard House he plays.

*The dictionary defines Verve as, 1.Energy and enthusiasm in the statement of ideas, especially in artistic performance or composition. 2.Vitality; liveliness. 3.Aptitude; talent.

“It’ not only pumpin’ tracks that will get a crowd into your music,” quotes Verve. “But a combination of that, and the crowd feeding off of the DJ’s spirit, and enthusiasm in his own music, seems to be a winning combination.” When he plays the crowd will just stop moving completely, as all their attention is shifted to the booth. Then their faces erupt with smiles as they watch Verve dancing to his own music.

Touching turntables for the first time slightly over a year ago, he has already gained huge amounts of support locally, and is considered by most as one of Nashville’ best. He has already played parties with the likes of Michael Myers, DJ Irene, Huda Hudia, Spice, Tigger, and almost every local dj possible. His first cd, Can You Hang?, was put out locally back in August and he has just recently signed on with an upstart record label. All this in his first year DJing…Watch out world, this kid is BANGIN’!