Top 25k on The DJ List


Cochabamba, Bolivia

Hardcore / Hard Techno


Travelling around Southamerican countries and mostly Spain (Ibiza), England, and Germany, gave DJ Vertygo the oportunity of discover the dance mainstream and in 1997 he created two electronic radio shows, an ambient/nu jazz/chill out radial encounter named Los ultimos latidos del Siglo, and, with taking a new pseudonimus name, he broadcasted: the monthly specials sessions of DJ presence in the incipient party and venues bolivian clubbing and dance movement.

Dj Vertygo/Paco Salcedo always loved to take big steps and huge challenges, joining as a frontman the aclaimed hard rock band proyect called Jaula 31 in 2000, producing their first album Fuera, and touring Bolivia.

He also created the contemporary jazz and blues band called Dr. Love with recognized bolivian music legends Ernesto Loyola, Carlos Zalazar.

Vertygo says: Its not enough, and I want more, Looking forward for more experiencesnew music sensations.

Flying every summer to his residence at The Island (Ibiza), Vertygo had taken great advantage in discover the new beats, tha latest tendences, and also making many DJ friends.

DJ vertigo djs in many parties in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz, knowing that the most important thing its create a intimate connection with the crowd, and also give his sincere music feeling.

For the end of 2005 and all the 2006 DJ Vertygo will be Dj in large number of events, with his friend and coleague DJ Haru in many of them, working on their first House Association album, and release the first single of his debut House/Chill Out solo album.