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Vertigo started DJing when he was 17 years old. At that time he played mostly at small parties, and the music was quite pop influenced. At the age of 18 he started a DJing job at mainstream nightclubs. After half a year spinning in those venues he fell in love with Breaks and Trance Music. Trance and Breakbeats were not the right thing in those mainstream clubs and also the atmosphere was very boring. So he started his own electronic music oriented club projects and DJ gigs.

After a dozen or so underground parties, things began to slow down. The Midwest was not much of a rave scene and the followers were not very supportive. He has also produced club night called Summerfest with his friends in Peoria. After little success with the scene in the Midwest Vertigo laid low for a year.

After leaving the Midwest for film school in Orange Co, CA. He became more interested in starting up again. With the help of certain organization on his college campus he has successfully made a name for himself in his current area.

“I feel that DJ’ing is a part of my life ill never be able to turn away from. It’s my roots and it fills my blood with joy.”

He is currently looking to work at local clubs in the Newport/OC scene. He also hopes in starting more underground events in this area.