VCF 1: a producing DJ that is soon to take over the world of electro, minimal and house as we know it! VCF 1's career is on the verge of breaking through: it's punctuated b... read more
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VCF 1: a producing DJ that is soon to take over the world of electro, minimal and house as we know it! VCF 1’s career is on the verge of breaking through: it’s punctuated by perfection and professionalism. VCF 1 is enormously talented, producing the best bass and beat tracks of the Netherlands. What makes him a truly unique producer, his love for perfect beats! Through his collaborations with a singer, songwriter and several talented musicians, he’s able to hit just the right tunes in all of his productions! In addition to the fact that he is a very talented producer, he has decided to go global with these tracks by playing them himself! VCF 1 is slowly starting to build up a DJ career, in which he is driven by powerful beats and basses! Last, but definitely not least, he is a pianist and loves to present his skills when making his records.

Born in Holland, VCF 1 became a producer in his early days. When he was only 15 years old, he started taking keyboard lessons and playing the drums. Whilst relaxing with some good friends from Surinam he heard lots of hip-hop and rap. “When I was younger, I would listen to the best beats with my friends. This music inspired me to do what I like best, make powerful beats for people to dance to! Basically hip-hop and rap have influenced me the most”. At some point, he had to make a decision, whether to be a DJ or a producer. Back then, he had a strong passion to create new music, therefore producing was deemed more interesting.

Years later, he started doing remixes for some friends in the drum & base scene. He even made a remix for an RnB record, which unfortunately hasn’t been released just yet. But most importantly gaining his experience with the Atari and Cubase made him better and better. After a while, he started producing top-notch tracks for demo-parties like Take-Over and Bizar. Although he grew up in the hardcore era, he never had real ambitions to produce hardcore music as well. He always stuck with the thing that made him unique-the powerful beats and basses. VCF 1 was inspired by Josh Wink with his massive hit record “Higher state of consciousness” and artist Teddy Riley, a hip hop singer-songwriter, musician and record producer who was the ringleader of one of the most influential groups of R&B in two separate decades. Since then he kept aspiring to create the Acid 303 and Electro sound in his tracks. At the moment, he is not so much inspired by an artist, but more by a sound. For example, according to VCF 1 Booka Shade has created just the right sound and vibe.

VCF 1’s DJ skills came later, in February 2007. With his years of experience as a producer, he had a major advantage! “I really wanted the crowd to hear my music and see their reaction to it. It gives me so much more fulfilment in the process. I bought the wheels of steel and just started working on it.” He makes it sound easy – indeed, he makes it look easy as a couple of weeks later his first demo’s were played by radio channels and in shops throughout The Netherlands.

At the moment, VCF 1 is working hard on producing powerful new beats and bass music to conquer The Netherlands. He has started collaborating with a very talent artist named Dan McKinley, to combine the best of two talents in their tracks. Their collaboration was crowned with the name Kynatix nd a brand new studio with high quality equipment. Continuing to explore fresh avenues, they are currently experimenting with new sounds and producing new beats in the studio. “A good track needs a strong and compelling beat, a beat that catches you and sticks in your mind. A very good example of a track like this, is Biohazard”. The collaboration doesn’t stop here, because in the nearby future Kynatix will launch it’s own digital label, Kynatix Records. This label will mainly release digital tracks created by VCF 1, Dan McKinley and Kynatix. But, plans for the future remain ambitious. The label should basically exist of what makes VCF 1 so unique, very divers and full of great beat tracks to dance to.

The future for VCF 1 promises yet further success, both as the solo DJ he’s become, the artist in Kynatix and the producer we know him to be. His latest upcoming production will be called “Knock on Wood”, an electro remix of the original of Amy Steward. Furthermore, he will collaborate more with Miranda van Ham, a professional singer.

This rising talent with the voice of an angel will sing on the the forthcoming records of VCF 1, which creates a unique effect in combination with the Electro sound. “More beat tracks with a singing element, better remixes and my first gigs as a DJ, definitely”, he agrees, “I have the ambition to see the world with my music. I will start focussing on the Belgian, German and English market, besides the Dutch one, because the best party people live there! I am sure that the summer of 2007 will bring new and exiting things that I really look forward to!” Check out his agenda now to see when and where he will be performing live on stage to have the chance to go absolutely crazy on his beats!