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Vaughan was born on September 15th, 1972 in the small town of Newport, Rhode Island. Vaughan loves to make people move and does it as a weekend warrior… as a hobby! He has always loved to entertain people and has found a perfect love affair between his weekend “hobby” and his career as co-owner of Stellar Concepts & Design, Ink.

AS A PROMOTER he, played a vital role in cultivating dance music culture in South Florida. Vaughan founded GENERIC SOUL PROCUCTIONS in 1994, and since then has touched the lives of many through his efforts as a promoter. Vaughan has been at the forefront of setting trends in the underground as well as South Florida’s club community for over 10 years to date. Some actually say he and his cronies are sometimes too ahead of the game; what most find “in” today, have been done years ago by them! Since founding the renowned “LUST” events in 1997, Vaughan has strived to simply provide an alternative to South Florida’s often “stale” nightlife! He has introduced and cultivated local and national dj talent as well over the years; playing host to such well known artists as Marques Wyatt, Brian Tappert, Soulstice, Jask, Halo, Andy Caldwell, Andrew Macari, Jason Jinx, DJ Dan, John “Julius” Knight, David Reyero, Jon Lemmon, Mark Grant, Lego and many others!

AS A DESIGNER Vaughan, and partner Anthony Giudice started Stellar Concepts & Design, Ink, and have received national recognition with their unique brand of design work. Stellar has been honoured to do work for some of the world’s hottest clubs, record lables and dj’s. Some of their clients, past and present, include Crobar, Ultra Records, Om Records, House Of Blues, Twilo, SFX Concerts, SoSo Def Records, Jill Kelly Productions, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, McDonalds, Corel Software Corp., Versace and many others! All of the LUST flyers/posters are designed by Vaughan & Stellar, and have all become collector’s items for the avid flyer fan!

AS A DJ Vaughan has only 1 mission in mind…“to make people dance…”. He has no desire to play to the one other dj who might be at the bar; he just wants to have fun! “Being a promoter (he says) is what really allows me to understand what to do behind the decks…I’ve been in front of the turntables for so long, getting behind them was a logical progression.” He was thrown behind the decks when his friend Anthony Crupi actually took it upon himself to buy Vaughan 2 turntables & a mixer because he knew that Vaughan had it in him to be good… really good! Vaughan has now been at it for about three years and has gained a quick reputation as a dj and has held residencies and playing at some of S. Florida’s hottest clubs including Opium Garden, Prive, Blue, Mansion, Nerve, Goddess, Tantra, Karma Lounge, Liquid Room, Sutra, Velvet Lounge, and Radius.