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Label head of Rue De Plaisance, Varoslav, is a 30 year old Parisian of Czech origin, DJ/producer whizzkid who’s worked with the A to Z of young French electronic talent. Inspired by black music from hip-hop to nineties house.

His passion for music quickly led him to spin records (playing at some of the best Parisian clubs), and naturally his desire to play his own sounds pushed him to production. Varoslav describes his music as coming ‘from the heart’. His groovy, sexy and energetic style sliding from techno to deep house was, amongst others, influenced by his different meetings Completely self-taught, he got involved in music and released his first productions on digital labels. His first vinyl release came out in April 2008 on the Spanish label Tishomingo. Since then, as solo or as collaboration with artists like dOP, Guy Gerber, Chaim, Yakine, David K… he released others EPs or projects on a selected variety of labels.

These releases and his two unknown bootleg labels have seen his reputation as one of the exciting new DJ/producer talents grow at an astonishing rate. Since 2007, he also manages Supplement Facts’s inprint with Guy Gerber.

The admiration from his peers has allowed to him play some of the finest clubs in Europe, including the Panorama Bar, Cocoon, Watergate and Weekend Club in Berlin, the Silo (Leuven), Fabric (London), Lux (Lisboa), Goa (Roma), Ushuaia Beach, Space (Ibiza) and the Montreux Jazz Festival…to name a few….

At present, most of his time is taken up for developing his new label project wich will come for September 2011.

Stay tuned !