Vanish, who currently resides in Denver, Colorado, is constantly on the look-out for unique strides in music. With a keen eye and an attentive ear, he creates music by obse... read more
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Vanish, who currently resides in Denver, Colorado, is constantly on the look-out for unique strides in music. With a keen eye and an attentive ear, he creates music by observing others. Mostly, he is known for mixing genres influenced by 80s, funk, jazz, techno, electro, disco and rock.

Since the mid nineties, Vanish has been non-stop. From honing his djing talent and performance, to producing music, record label management, event production, working as a consultant, and always seeking new ideas, Vanish keeps the ball rolling. He absorbs knowledge from his fellow artists, family and friends. His undiscriminating nature and flexibility allows him to create and share unique musical concepts with the public.

What makes Vanish stand out among many is how he is able to combine his understanding of commercial techniques and the modern age with his love of producing and mixing. Vanish stretches the musical boundaries, testing their resiliency. He aspires to create an interesting, yet original type of music — something everyone can enjoy.

By 2005, with so much time and effort invested into his music career, Vanish knew that there was no turning back. In order to keep moving forward, he decided to take his knowledge of event production to the next level. During the same year, Vanish teamed up with his long time friend, Brandon Butler (aka. Technical Endeavor). Together, they helped run a newly formed electronic production company, One Productions. Since 2005, One Productions has been a heavy hitter, producing large scale, memorable events, such as: the “Massive” series, “Lost in Paradise,” “Winter Wonderland,” as well as various other music events and club nights.

In 2008, Vanish launched Velcro City Records (VCR) with the direction of Matt Carmichael. Debuting with the release “Mile High City,” a single containing four remixes, VCR’s start-up was easy. It was as if Vanish had started at the top of the music industry incline; rather than the bottom. From VCR’s commencement, one of the four “Mile High City” mixes hit the top 100 on It was then followed by a second, successful release, titled “Drifting in Life,” which also reached the top 100 on VCR has yet to plummet. No one doubts that, with Vanish’s dedication and ingenuity, VCR will continue on its rise.

2011 has been a busy year for Vanish as a producer. His spaced out original, titled “Don’t Be Afraid,” spent nearly three weeks on Beatport’s top 100 Indie Chart. That achievement was followed by a two week run on Junodownload’s Progressive Top 100. And, not too long after “Don’t Be Afraid” was catching all the attention, Vanish’s next remix “Different” appeared. In the making of the new remix, Vanish took a beautiful original by Lefo X & Gary Frad from Greece and turned it into a chills-inducing synth rework — one which ended up peaking at the 7th spot on Juno Uk’s Top Indie / Rock Chart.

Spending many years in the electronic music industry definitely has its perks. Dj Vanish has had the opportunity to share stages with and open for some very well-known artists, including: Sasha, Kaskade, Kimball Collins, D:Fuse, Roger Sanchez, George Acosta, Charles Feelgood, Victor Calderone, Barry Weaver, Deepsky, Jon Bishop, Simply Jeff, Infected Mushroom, and many more. But, Vanish knows that the work doesn’t end when the lights, crowds and sounds dwindle away into the witching hour. When he’s not on stage, he’s still “on the clock.” In fact, during his time off stage, Vanish wrote a song for an Extreme Sports T.V. pilot on Altitude T.V., and played MTV’s The Real World Denver, Colorado Welcome.

Vanish’s perseverance and dedication to pushing the limits ensures audiences can expect no ebb, just a constant flow of unique music and ideas.