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Electronic and dance music rising star, DJ VanCronkhite initially burst onto the scene in 2004. His renegade approach in the booth during live performances immediately won him a loyal audience and earned him recognition around the country. DJ has spent the past few years taking his progressive sound to packed dance floors in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta and Detroit.

2008 became a tremendous year of transformation for VanCronkhite as he made great stride in his evolution as an artist becoming a highly sought after remixer and producer. His early remix efforts caught the ear of A-list deejays and producers who began using his work during their sets. In January, DJ VanCronkhite released his first original productions, “My Soul” and “Electronic Music” on KULT Records. The tracks quickly became top-sellers on the label’s charts which set the tone for a new direction in the year to come.

By that summer and with several releases under his belt, DJ was signed to Bearlin Records to remix along side heavyweights Razor-n-Guido, William Umana, Alexander and Arenna for Randy Friess’ latest chart topper “Bounce”. VanCronkhite has since lent his talents to some of today’s leading dance music labels including KULT Records, HMSP, Slanted Black, Beat Therapy, Bellarine Recordings and Filthy Groovin Records.

2009 looks to be a breakout year for VanCronkhite. He has many projects underway and shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to producing under his name, DJ has also released works under the project name “Sjel” in which he is currently working on his first full length record set for release in summer 2009. Sjel dives deep into the world of electronica – allowing VanCronkhite to explore more ambient sounds and introducing him to an entirely new audience.

Currently, DJ VanCronkhite is working with major talent and producers. He shares remix duties among exciting new labels and artists gaining him recognition worldwide. In his efforts to push boundaries and break new ground within an industry that is constantly changing VanCronkhite continues to forge his own path throughout the electronic music scene.