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Vance Lawrence started his music career in early 2003 as a resident DJ at the Kiss Me Club in Daegu, South Korea. In the same time period, he started off his production, to which he displayed some of his new sounds in the club the same week that a new track would be completed.

From 2004 to 2006, his spins were heard both in residency and major gigs at many of Daegu’s popular spots, including Club Hybrid, DMC, Mary Jane, Funkadelic, Box, as well as residencies at Club Frog and G2, both of which are the biggest Premier hotspots in Daegu’s nightlife. During this time period, he had the opportunity to do opening sets for Korean artists and DJs including Se7en, JinuSean, Drunken Tiger, 1TYM, Dynamic Duo, Jon Lockley, DJ RTEK, and many others.

In 2006, he moved back to the United States where his focus has returned to solely music production. Since being back, he has done sets alongside some of the biggest and rising stars in electronic music, including Benny Benassi, Kaskade, Tager & Funk, Randy Seidman, Ape Drums, Alex Clavijo, Grrrl Parts, Bobby Bliss, Charles Bell, Albert Fix, DJ Tre, and JC Vanegas.

In late Spring 2010, Vance Lawrence started up his own weekly webshow called “Vance Dance Live”, where he spins over four hours of the best of brand new electronic music. He’s used the show as a testing ground for finding the songs with the best audience reaction, thus getting a better feel for what tracks will make the global audience move. He also uses the show to interact with both fans and friends alike from around the world, giving him direct access to those in different parts of the planet who support electronic music.

In 2011, Vance Lawrence teamed up with fellow dj/producer Jon Lockley to start up Swiftkick Records, specializing in releases in all different aspects in house, including progressive, electro, tech, latin, and groove. A number of tracks from Lockley, Lawrence, and others are scheduled to go public starting mid-summer 2011.

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EVERY Monday night from 10PM-3AM EST, Live Webcast mix