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Van Toth

Miami, United States


Sneakerz Muzik, Vinyl Pusher
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Van Toth, born on August 22, 1990 was raised in Miami, Florida. Currently residing there, his drive toward the art of music grew from an early age. Always learning and teaching himself, he began with his own guitar lessons at 13. The years bringing more awareness, at the age of 17 he began experimenting with FL Studio, bending his mind to grasp the basics of producing and recording. With exposure to the classic by Benny Benassi, “Satisfaction,” he was well on his way to fully realize the extent that was electronic music. Bringing it full circle during the 2008 Ultra Music Festival, he realized that this was his true passion: the desire for his self-acquired musical talent to be heard and felt by the receiving masses.

Within trial and error came his first success. After posting his productions on the forums of Laidback Luke, he was contacted by an English producer, loving his track “How You Feelin’,” with the intent of remixing the track. With the timely introduction to Don Steele by Rhythm Punkz, came his first release on Vinyl Pusher (Australia), subsequently followed by many more. He has also started releasing tracks with Sneakerz Muzik (Amsterdam), a sub label of Spinnin’ Records.

Van Toth has also began working with his partner, JWLS, in their side project Grnd Thft Audio. Backed by none others then Afrojack and Laidback Luke, his dynamic producing ability will only continue to expand. With these new opportunities this young and talented producer will show the world his own style of music.