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Van Hai


Kina Music, Mescene Records, Natura Sonoris
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Van Hai is an electronic music producer and co-label manager of mescene records. His releases on labels like Perspectiv, Natura Sonoris, Factor City, Kina and many others, or his collaborations with Ripperton, Cora Novoa, David Durango, or remixes for big names of the underground, made him an unusual and unexpected artist.

Recently, Van Hai was established in Laos, where, far from the electronic music scene, he continues to work and develop an independent music without stylistic constraints. He created a project on the theme of exile, which all earnings are donated to the International Red Cross. He insists on awareness of emerging artists and tries to write on the dancefloors around the world the concept of courage in music.

The Van Hai’s music is committed but apolitical, talks about feelings and humanity, tries depth when the world seems to revolve around appearance. His style has already attracted great interest. For him art is trouble. And as he handles images as much as words and music, nothing is accidental.

We love or hate his work, no one remains indifferent.