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Dj Vamp- House, Hip hop, electro, Rock, party hits.

DJ Vamp works the room on all levels. He fuses many diverse styles of music, showing elements of hip-hop, pop-rock, house, even waltz and big band, to produce complete and fresh beats. Each time he is in the studio he outdoes himself by making cuts that leave you feeling the strong need to dance. He feels the beat, the atmosphere and works his fans by showing his true attitude and passion through his mixes. Vamp is a scholar of the Chicago and Milwaukee music/club scene but has a global persona. More than just a DJ and producer, Vamp is a promoter. His marketing formula has not only made a name for himself and other DJs, but also for a wide variety of clubs and other music venues. His parties and events are well organized and are always popular. With a no fear attitude, Vamp is poised to make a success out of his projects. Everything he does has the purpose of progression and moving forward, making him a valued player in the entertainment industry. Just watch him work….