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Vale Colvin

AKA: Valentina Colvin

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VALENTINA COLVIN aka VALE COLVIN has been involved in electronic music since 2004, when she started managing important events in her home town, Concepcion, Chile. Since then, she fell DEEPLY in love with this music and became an important part of the Chilean electronic music scene.

In 2008 she started playing out and by 2010 Vale Colvin became to be considered one of the best female DJs in her country. During those years she played in the most important clubs in Chile with the most

recognized DJs of her country such as: Francisco Allendes (Cocoon), Felipe Valenzuela (Cadenza), Umho

(Cigarra), among many others.

Between 2010-2011 she traveled to the Europe summer seasons, moving forward to learned more about the music industry and started playing in small clubs and parties in Ibiza and Berlin (Underground, Grial, Detour

Berlin Parties) .Since then Vale has also become part of the Cigarra collective (CHILE), characterized by underground & vinyls sounds.

Since 2012 she is currently living in Berlin, making her first steps in music production. She already played in the most importants Clubs like Club Der Visionare, Chalet , KaterHolzig , Big Vinyl Circus Party (London) sharing with important Djs such us Vera, Dandy Jack and Dani Casarano .

In her sets she connect with minimalistic , deep and dub sounds , feeling the music to move forward a bit more

darker to a deep & minimal & detroit techno trip. She make you feel a female and sexy touch in her session by a nice selection of vocals and elegant instruments tunes. Her fine ,deep & harmonic sessions are always based in Vinyls & CDs.