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Vale & Timo

Maribor, Slovenia

Electro House, House

Portamento Records
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Mike Vale and Timo Urbanya, friends since childhood, since they just started to walk and do first crazy things, are trapped in the system of music, since their first birthday. They began to create their own music at the age of 8, when they both got their own keyboard. One was making a loop and the other was playing a melody – performance of the century :) As they turned 14, they traded the keyboard for a computer, so they could be able to put all their energy into music production. And it was in 1999, when something strange happened in their lives again, when they started to perform as DJ’s together, and soon became residents in the biggest club in Slovenia, called Yucatan. They are well known for their own mixture of quality house music, on 4 decks and 2 mixers, which they call DIRTY-DRIVING-ELECTRO-HOUSE, an innovative musical creation, performed live on stage, with bunch of new and original dancing sounds, mixed with 70’s to 90’s acappellas, thereby scratchin’ everything you can imagine. You immediately get the feeling, you are on the stage with them. Beside dj-ing, both are busy with producing music in their studio and are very proud of their own, young singer Maya. They get a lot of support for their first track ’’Playroom’’. With this track they get close with Nino Anthony and David Farlow (Portamento Records USA) where Playroom get his release with another track “Break it”. Recently they started their own indie label, Housintetic Records. Vale and Timo know one thing for sure… it’s LOVE, it’s PASSION, it’s MUSIC.


Vale & Timo – Playroom (Portamento records)

Vale & Timo – Break it (Portamento records)

Vale & Timo – Complicated (Tested records)

David Farlow – Acid dried (Vale & Timo remix) (Portamento records)