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Vadodara, India

Progressive House

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DJ Vabs(Vaibhav chaudhary) Born 2 Remixxxx!!!!…….. According to yo, DJ’s r da ones who ve Funky luks, Who r Alcoholic, Who r Addicted 2 Drugs& wat nt. But, DJ Vabs says,“I wan 2 be as simple as I kan. I would neva get Addicted 2 such things in my Life. I love muzic & I wan 2 enjoy it 2 da Bestthroughout ma Life.” DJ Vabs(Vaibhav chaudhary) believes dat, “No matter wat Track or Genre a DJ plays, da thing dat matters 2 me iz, He should be able 2 get a 6 year old boy 2 a 60 years old uncle Tap der Feet’s over da Dance Floor.”