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  • Unsaintly Bass

    The Utah Saints are a hallmark of the UK's early rave scene, with unforgettable hits like Somethi...

    Sat 5th May 8 PM
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Electronic Dance music sample pioneers, started underground then accidentally became overground for a while, producing writing and mixing over 20 international “hits” for themselves and other artists. Temporarily stopped releasing music in 2003 to concentrate on making music for their legendary DJ sets , and promoting and developing their own club brand SugarBeatClub.com.

Now , due in part to an overwhelming show of love on myspace THANK YOU! back in studio, working on new material, DJ mix album, and of course exclusive tracks for our DJ sets.Signed to Ministry Of Sound for most of Europe, Australia,and North America and Just Music in SA -HAPPY!

On Myspace -feeling a lot of love for the Utahs, which is REALLY nice, and a great confidence boost for us, so THANK YOU,THANK YOU! We are however getting kind of behind with the adds, that’s because we do try and check each one out , so we may take a little time to catch up -thanks for your patience.We are also getting a lot of emails, but do read all of them but some get lost in the general mayhem of myspace -if you feel we owe you a reply, hit us up again after a couple of weeks, and we will try our best!

Firstly, a lot of peeps have a perception of what they think this band is, so a very brief paragraph, that might make you raise your eyebrow, a touch, just like James bond..:-

Between DJ Tim Utah And Jez Utah, we claim the following;—Ex Surfin Dave Bassist, ex Cassandra Complex, ex MDMA, ex driver for Henry Rollins Band and Ian Mackaye (Fugazi) -(just thought we’d throw that in for the emo kids),DMC/Technics turntablist finalist. Promoters of clubs for 15 years, including seminal breakthrough clubs at the beginning of time(1990-1993)When Electronic music threatened to change the world, and did, forever.

Made tracks with (amongst others) Edwin Starr, Chuck D, Krafty Kuts, A Skillz, Michael Stipe, Arthur Baker, Richard 23 (Front 242), Annabella Lwin etc

According to Michael Stipe in MOJO magazine, our first album is his and Courtney Love’s favourite dance album———————————Oh and we once had Andrew Eldritch (The Sisters Of Mercy) as our guest singer, or we were his guest backing band, depending on your perspective.

Some people we have toured with/been on same bill as/DJed with:- U2 (10 stadium shows -it’s a real pic!), Shamen, Prodigy,Moby, Orbital,Joey Beltram,Oliver Ho,Take That, Rage Against The Machine, House Of Pain, Paul Oakenfold,DJ Tiesto,Skinny Puppy,Iggy Pop,Carl Cox, Darren Emerson,Sasha, Digweed, Tim Sheridan,Grooverider,Roni Size, Krafty Kuts,Dave Clarke, Atomic Hooligan,Stanton Warriors, High Contrast, Zane Lowe, Eddy Temple Morris,2manyDJs, across the Universe -we’ll stop there -you get the picture -we just can’t say “no!”

Remixes-sorry another list:-we have remixed/produced a ton of peeps,including the following:- Psycore, Simple Minds,Stone Roses,Annie Lennox,Swollen Members,Hawkwind,The Mission,King Kurtis, Terrorvision,Alabama 3,Flaming Lips,Blondie etc. we also had 9 months in the studio with Mark “Spike” Stent and Jeremy Wheatly, which taught us a lot.

So some Faqs:- 1) Yes, this is actually Utah Saints, although we have a buffer in Donal who reads and writes everything, so he is in the front line here, but Tim and Jez are aware of everything that passes through these pages.

2) We can’t remember *exactly*all the details, -everything is really hazy in Utah land.

3)No ,we are not in touch directly with anyone, so can’t really pass a message on,sorry.

4) Yes we can add you, but we don’t know, and never will know “wassup?”which is why we don’t display those messages.

5) More music…. coming

6) Advice…Well to be honest no-one really knows the secret to making a living from music, or no-one we have ever met. The best advice we can give applies to most careers -enjoy what you do, do it as well as you can, and tell as many people about it as possible.Also, multi task!-DJ, play, produce,promote,write,model,all these things can be interlinked and benefit each other.

.. Been a long time – 14 years released two albums 1.2 million singles ,350 000 albums sold. Made another three albums, all held in contract oblivion forever.

Currently DJ ing (where we started) anywhere and everywhere interesting and professional that ask us,playing mainly breaks, boots,mashups and a bit of drum and bass and electro -we play very little house or “old school”! Also, just regrouping and finding new people to work with -rediscovering why we were good in the first place, hopefully AND NOW WORKING ON NEW TRACKS!