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Beersheba, Israel

Psy-Trance, Trance

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URIYA is Uriya Tenenbaum (1986) , from Bee’r Sheva,Israel.

He has a long musical background and has been playing keyboard since the age of 9. URIYA first started tuning in to the vibes of Psytrance when he was 13 years old and he immediately fell in love with the Goa Trance style of music. Uriya started writing & producing at the fresh age of 15. Although URIYA is young of age, he has heavy duty production talent, experience and skill. Uriya is especially known for his sharp and mostly upbeat and happy phrases, sound FX, scapes, pads, original vocal, high quality sound & mostly, he is known to be EXTREMELY GROOVY. His special style is described as the old “Goa Trance” mixed with today’s newer younger and crisper sound. His new live shows are mixed with a lot emotions, original vocals and dialog, and it is captivating and enchanting to hear him play his live piano. Uriya’s live harmonies have been described as absolutely “BEAUTIFUL”. Some people say that it’s the most “PERFECT PRODUCTION” that they’ve ever heard. His tracks are a unique and an invigorating experience for the listener. URIYA has collaborated on songs with: Safi Connection, Liquid Phase, Indra, IBOJIMA, Psy Nina, Didrapest, Ranji, U Recken, Cycle Sphere, etc… URIYA has remixed songs for: SynSUN, Liquid Phase, Indra, Cycle Sphere, PolyCat, KNOB, Skazi, Europe & Some Many More to Come… Included in URIYA’s repertoire is an amazing remix to KNOB (winner in the MTV POP competition) The remix will be in the next 2007 draft. URIYA’s Homepage will be launched soon, with loads of new music, video’s, downloads, breaking news and fresh updates .