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Urban Ohmz

São Paulo, Brazil

House, Techno

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Releases for 2010

BMR Records (UK)

F2F [email protected] – Sunshine in São Paulo Remix

☊Coincidence Records (Belgium)

Data Wave – urban ohmz – out soon –

- Limited vinyl ☊ trackitdown,whatpeopleplay beatport and many more.

☊Incense Records (Spain)

Decision – Adam Jay (urban ohmz mix)

☊Gobsmacked Records (Ireland)

Disco Murder – Diarmaid O´Meara

(urbanohmz mix)

☊606 records (UK)

Vapour – Urbanohmz Group —WorldWide House Artists

Gavin O´Callaghan (aka Urbanohmz) began his career as a Club/Radio Dj in 96, founding local club nights and playing countrywide in cities like Dublin, Galway and Cork.

The End of 2010 saw the launch of his new label EchoDeluxe Recordings (São Paulo – Brazil)

An interest for tones, textures and harmonies came to light after playing on his mates piano at a very early age.The same year dabbling with electronic music back in 1987.

Fast forward the clock over a decade later, he completed the City and Guilds Courses in Sound Engineering in Camden Street. A self taught musician he began producing music in many genres, shapes and forms further evolving his concepts of creativity. Playing clubs, outdoor parties back home to clubs as well as local squat parties in central London, along with holding residencies on the continent from portugal to Greece.

His Vibrant Irish spirit combined with intense mixing skills : layering fx, harmonies, and sampled grooves to blending keys quickly formed his trademark style.. Fusing multiple genres & sub genres into one show. ´Inspiring people to enjoy themselves listening to styles previously unknown to them brings me a lot of joy´ admits UrbanOhmz.

With a busy career in music, timestrecthing his hours to continue delivering quality contemporary music around the globe.

Currently based in South America in eastern Brasil, the progressive music pioneer co-works with various musicians delving deeper into his love of percussion, electronic music and latin rhythms. His musical Style include a mix of Soulful House, Tribal Latin Rhythms to Melodic or Funky Twisted Tec Grooves often moving in the direction of Nu-jazz.

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