Upavas Beatport


Upavas was around 16 he when he took off to India for a 3 month trip that was to become a 4 year trip instead where (it was winter 1985-86) a new kind of party was created in Goa, involving a kind of music that was later to be known as Techno-House and much later after that Psy Trance and that was mostly electronic sound. He immediately fell in love with this kind of sound. In Goa, Poona and later in Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand he met many people who were involved with this new kind of electronic sound. Having experienced and helped at many parties Upavas felt it was time to start djing on parties and moved to Ibiza, Spain where he and some friends opened a beach bar featuring Ambient Chill Out and Full On parties. The bar was called Fun. He connected this place with the very famous Ibizenco Club Amnesia. At some point he decided that spinning music was not enough for him, so he started to make his own sound. Evolving Arts and later Psykologix was founded by him. He promoted many parties in Hawaii… and has dj’ed on many international locations in Europe, Japan, USA, India and North Africa . He makes his own tunes that have been played on numerous events around the globe. He also works actively in the movie industry as audio post editor, mixer and on set.