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London, United Kingdom

Dubstep, Techno

50 Weapons, Brain Math, Build
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Jack Dunning’s production work as Untold has reinvigorated the climate of dancefloors around the globe. First releasing music on Hessle Audio, where his ‘Kingdom’ single housed two slices of unsettlingly brilliant atmospheric bass weight, the North Londoner has gone on to releases numerous scene stealing EPs as well as form his own label, Hemlock Recordings. He now stands proudly as a tastemaker in his own right. Tracks like his freewheeling ‘Anaconda,’ also released on Hessle Audio, and ‘Stop What You’re Doing’ still possess as much impact today as they did the day they were premiered; harbouring the power to stop a dancefloor dead in inquisitiveness, they are two glowing examples of Untold’s monstrously weighted approach to club music. Supple yet rough and relentlessly inventive.

This consistent want to test himself and push forward into unknown territories continues with his label. Since its inception Hemlock has become a home to work by Mount Kimbie, Fantastic Mr Fox, CosminTRG, Ramadanman, LV and a certain producer called James Blake. In refusing to stick to one approach – Hemlock’s 10th release by Breton shares little resemblance to anything that came before it, playing out like a mutilated rock band caught up in a sordid affair with half beaten synthesizers – Dunning has simply created Hemlock in his own vision, a representation of his and his label partner’s outlook on music as a whole.

Brought up a junglist it was a trip to Third Base in Brixton that reinvigorated Dunning to start producing music again, something he admits he previously let slip after a music degree drained his creativity, and since then he’s released a steady tirade of impeccable productions. Appearing on labels such as Soul Jazz – he provided two tracks for their ‘Future Bass’ compilation and its accompanying vinyl releases – Scuba’s Hotflush, the slightly mysterious and boutique Brainmaith and the freshly rejuvenated R&S, he’s been drafted by Radiohead, Dels and Homework, amongst others, to emboss his personal stamp all over their productions, providing source bending remixes.

Currently hard at work honing a live project called Dreadnought and fresh off the back of a recent US tour you can rest assured that Dunning hasn’t been dwelling over his down time. With releases forthcoming on his own Hemlock imprint alongside emphatic contributions to both the forthcoming Hessle Audio and R&S compilations you’ll be hearing from Untold again soon enough.