Unreal Beatport


Montreal DJ Unreal has 15 years of experience in djing and is just about to come back to the club scene after a few years of absence. He’s coming back with a mixtape called “Progressive 2006”. This mixtape will be available for download exclusively on thedjlist.com and on his official web site on October 1st 2006.“Progressive 2006” is a great way to introduce himself with the styles he likes to play, which are mainly progressive and tribal house with some electro. DJ Unreal is decided, more than ever, to conquer the world with his personal approach to music mixing. So if you like his music, just vote for Unreal on this site! “It’s all about having fun and see others having fun where ever I play” says DJ Unreal speaking about his journey into djing. “I like to play songs people don’t know and see them react. My favorite nights are when the crowd just let go to whatever songs they hear, even if they don’t have a clue where it comes from.”