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Vsevolod Ermakov aka Unquote started in making music in 2007 and began by experimenting with a variety of different styles of drum & bass. Influenced by the likes of Exit Recordings and Spectrasoul, and working with his sometime collaborator Mr Sizef, it wasn’t long before he realised that he wanted to break the mould with a new soulful and deeper sound.

In 2009, Hospital Records released “The Future Sound Of Russia” featuring Unquote & Mr Sizef with their stunning track “Hours Have No Reverse Motion” and, in the same year, “Ugly Face Of War” by Unquote arrived on Alphacut. Since then, and still aged just 20, Seva has developed his solo work discovering deep dubstep along the way. He is creating fascinating and moving soundscapes whilst delicately shifting from 130 to 170bpm. Seva aims to create music that is like “hearing the sound of your soul”, none more so than his remix of Bop “Enjoy The Moment” which arrived on Med School in 2010.

Keep an eye on Unquote; his productions have already caught the attention of legendary German house DJ Tom Novy, as well as a plethora from the drum+bass community including dBridge, Instra:mental, Doc Scott, Loxy, Blu Mar Ten and ASC. Unquote’s debut Med School single features the epic “Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven” and “Lubov Moya”, a collaboration with Molecular Structures that was premiered by Danny Byrd on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix in August.

Autumn 2011 sees the return of Med School’s celestial navigator from Saint Petersburg as he brings us his debut artist album “Reverberation Box” – a glorious and expansive 15-track opus which is due out on 21st October.