Dj Unpredictable

AKA Split Fire DJz

Quick Bio:

Dj Unpredictable is one of the youngest Djs in the GA. He’s only 18 years old and has been Djing since the young age of 13. At the age of 13 young Dj Unpredictable was djing to local teen parties. Dj Unpredictable recently graduated from High School with the Class Of ’07 so lately he has been busy out on the road Djing to 18-21 years and up parties at clubs all over South Georgia (Da Legion, Spaceship Lounge, Club Paradise, Da Social Club, Da Honey Hole, etc.). He is also working on putting out his first official mix tape called Da Underground Vol. 1. Dj Unpredictable owns a Home Recording Studio called Split Fire Studios. He is trained to operate ProTools and has been Producing tracks and Engineering in studios for 3 years now. You can look towards hearing the name Dj Unpredictable in the streets in the year of 2008.

Dj Equipment List:

2 Denon DNS3500 with the DNS1500 matching mixer

2 Peavey SP2 Loudspeakers

2 Peavey SP118 Subwoofers

2 Behringer EP2500 Power Amps

1 Peavey PV3800 Power Amp

and more…

C.J. Coles

P.O. Box 2094

Sylvania, Ga. 30467