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Kingdom City, United States

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I (Curtis Thompson/DJ Unplugged) have been around and into music my entire life. My mother has a recording of me singing while she plays a keyboard as early as befor I could talk! I have always been fascinated by the different sounds and experimenting with music. All throughout my time in public schools growing up I have always been into music. As far back as playing a recorder in grade school to starting band in Jr. High all throughout Highschool also picking up music theory and guitar. It was also my freshman year in highschool that I discovered Sony Acid Music Studio, one of the programs I still use for my music today.

it was on the late night of December 20th back in 2010 that I decided to take my music public. Within five days of being on reverbnation, facebook, and twitter as DJ Unplugged I was number one in my area. Now a little over 18 months later DJ Unplugged is ranked high enough to be a stones throw away from many of the greats! Much of my great success has occured during my little down time while serving overseas from late August 2011 – mid August 2012, so I am especially excited to see what great things are just around the corner once I return home and have the resources, inspirations, and time to make myself one of the best!

I sicerely thank you for stopping by and being a part of my passion. I hope you enjoy the music and general merchandise that I have to offer!

Thanks again,

Curtis Thompson

“DJ Unplugged”