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Unique Yunes was influenced by the electronic sounds of Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Leftfield, The Chemical brother’s and Faithless. His drive came from hearing the harmonic blends of sounds by Sasha & Digweed; to Oakenfold’s blissful mixing and the legendary 3 deck Wizard, Carl Cox’s technical skill.

His passion for the Electronic Music Dance scene led him to introduce it to his home city of Bloemfontein by launching many successful events of which up until today, rivals are unsuccessfully striving to outdo and eventually went on to co-owning a couple of clubs in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

Yunes has the unique ability to read a crowd’s response and the talent to program the correct sounds for that crowd at that moment combined with the experience to flawlessly mix in various genres ranging from commercial sets to purely South African house to all the way to his favorite genre; uplifting tech trance.

He has the experience not to play every well known hit of the moment in his collection, thus leaving room for the next DJ to take it to the next level and has done sets all over South Africa, spinning to crowds exceeding 3000 people.

Yunes is a “turntabilist” at heart and has been in the DMC regional battle of DJ’s three times in a row, he eventually reached the national DMC top 10 finalists in 1999. Some of the brands Yunes has worked with include "Mother Productions, CellC, SAB, BrandHouse, Pernot Ricard, CocaCola and Acid Clothing.

Dj Unique Yunes is without a doubt one of the most passionate and talented DJ’s in the country and has hosted and held his own alongside top international and local masters such as Afroboogie, Christos, J-Something, Nick Holder, Roger Goode, Dj Jason47, Nicky Louder, Crazy White Boy and Lee Davey to mention a few.

Unique Yunes believes every mix should be flawless and he adds his own particular fresh twist to his uplifting tech-trance sets with his interesting and ‘unique’ style of mixing combined with his passion and experience; makes him a party in the bank!