Unik Beatport


Unik, being one of the, nowadays, rare old-timers who still goes on strong, has created his DJ career with a vast experience of music. He has seen the scene growing, and growing, and going down, and growing again. Uphill and downhill. But he is still here, and it seems that his career is getting bigger and better from one gig to another. His vast experience in event promotion goes backwards to the early 90’s, which was the crucial time for this lifetime journey. Unik has the ability to get the party going any time, not depending if it’s day or night. That way he has earned the name.

Jack, VooDoo, Pussy, Kerma, Never, Cream, Rose Garden, Laserpoint, Rush, Illumination, Holy, Solar, Club CR, Illusions, Zero500, Mbar, Koneisto, sOda, Birdie, Quality, Hallmark, Bassoradio, Ever, Drama, Hunaja, Kuutio, G- spot, Vinyl, Diep, Essentiale, Vertigo, ug- parties and many, many more.