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Born in the big city of Tampa, Florida Kyle as a child always had a passion for certain types of music such as Rock, Country, and even a little bit of Rap. Until one morning in the basement of his cousin’s home. As he walked down the steps to check out the DJ set-up his cousin had just purchased for his mobile DJing career he just started, Kyle heard the song that he will never forget, KenKraft400 zombi nation. Liking the way the beats blended together and how smooth the song sounded, he even liked the little voice effected added every couple of seconds into the song. This song is what created a phenomenal deejay known as Dj UnderCover. Of course the name or the idea of even being a dj didn’t come to him right when he heard the song. Things started out slow by, buying all the Trance, Techno, And Dance music he could get his hands on. Listening to all the radio stations he possible could with Electronica related music in their play lists. Unfortunately electronica music was hard to come by in the FM radio at the time and still is for the Tampa Bay area, so Kyle searched the World Wide Web for some. Well that day he found what was called Internet Streaming Radio! There werent very many stations around at the time due to the fact Internet Radio was very new and in its beta stage of construction. But he did find one station that covered all kinds of electronica music. They had various channels just for Trance, Chillout, HardDance, and even Breakbeats. This station was Digitally Imported Radio which is now the number 1 online radio station in the world. Based out of New York this station gets more tune-ins every hour then over 20 million FM radio stations across the globe. But then Kyle got to thinking, well if I love music so much why dont I try making some of my own and see how people react to it. So Kyle went on trying to make music but having no luck since he didn’t have a clue on what to use or how to even use what he needed to make this music. So Kyle came to par with himself and said well if I can’t make the music I love then all just mix it. Knowing that DJ equipment is very pricy Kyle didn’t care he wanted to do it anyways. After years of saving Kyle finally got a complete set-up that cost him around $400 all together. This set-up consisted of 1x Behringer DJX-700, and a Dual Stanton CD Player. Wasn’t much but for the age of 14 that isn’t a bad way to get started. Thats when Kyle decided on a name. He thought about it for weeks but then finally came up with what is known as Dj UnderCover today. The first mix ever performed by Dj UnderCover was the biggest train wreck to ever hit man made ears. He thought "This is harder then I thought. Well after years of practicing and dedication Kyle has been improving ever since. At this moment in time He has mastered beat matching, scratching, cross fades, pitch & tempo controls, and mixing. Currently Dj Undercover is getting back into the Production scene since it seems like a dj wont go anywhere today unless he is a producer also. Dj UnderCover had his first hit remix “Usher – Yeah (UnderCover Mix)”. It was number one song in the clubs for almost 3 weeks straight. It was more in the hard dance scene, with a hard house beat and the vocals of the original song but with a tempo increase and with a more dance able tune to it. There are currently many more remixes and productions in the works. Another big thing with Kyle was playing music to large groups of crowds. Seemed like everything he played everybody always enjoyed listening to it, weather it was a golden oldie or a latest and greatest hit track on the billboard charts. Either way Kyle had the idea to start his own radio show with an internet radio station which was his only option at the time since he was still under 18. So after weeks of searching for a radio station that he would be interested in playing for he found one by a referral from his friend. His buddy told him they do live webcam shows from there houses and play music while you watch them mix it up just like you would at a club. So Kyle said “What the hell, Why Not”, and thought he’d check it out. The first thing he noticed/liked about the station was the great group of guys who where very well rounded young men who donated their time to the station. After asking the right amount of questions they asked Kyle for a promo mix for their hearing. As some of you may know the promo was very well liked and Kyle was accepted to have a show for their station when ever possible. Ever since then Kyle has been in the radio scene ever since loving to share his music with listeners. But just a year or so ago (2005), Kyle wanted to take on the radio broadcasting deal all his own. Thought it was an awesome hobby and would have more then enough time to set one up. Well Kyle struggled for years with making a radio station not because of listeners or djs to play for him. But it was the cost of server fees is what kept Kyle from another dream of his. Until one day he found a man by the name of John who was selling low priced servers so people like Kyle could run an online radio station for pennies on the dollar. Charging Kyle only $12 a month the station was born. Kyle first named the station “Amp-Radio” but then thought it didnt fit well after 5 months with that name and then renamed it “ZoNe-Radio” which is now one of the top internet Radio station’s on the net for its quality and play lists, all for free; As most stations charge for good quality such as Digitally Imported Radio. So as we speed up to todays time and date Dj UnderCover successfully still lives on with his DJing career along with producing some new tracks every once in a while, and still also runs one of the Hottest Dance Radio Stations On The Net which is still known as “ZoNe-RADIO.Net – The Sound Of UNDERGROUND