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QUOTE: Unbalance: «Roughly speaking in this life I have always been and now I’m on a thin line bordering the exact sciences and pure creativity"

Raised on a foreign rock music Alexander Matlahov aka Unbalance had all chances to become one of rock musicians. But, when confronted with the electronic music for the first time future DJ and producer immediately realized that it is right what he needs. After rethinking a variety of styles, Unbalance debuted in 2008 as a DJ, and Berlin and British techno scenes occupied an important place in his musical outlook. Then, inspired by the works of such artists as Surgeon, Regis, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Mike Dehnert, he begin his own experiments with the sound. Two years he need to find his own original style, combining the emotional and simultaneously a technological components of the techno ganre. The first vinyl release titled IntentIntention held in 2010 on Dutch label Lessismorecordings, among the artists of which such monsters like Heiko Laux, Gideon, Claudio Mate, and Estroe. The debut was very successful – the airy moist techno-dub sound mixed with dab was cooly perceived by clubbers, and, of course by colleagues. Currently Unbalance has support in the face of Truss, Mattias Fridell, Gideon, Claudio Mate, Markus Suckut, Lenny Posso, DJ Hi-Shock, Roland M. Dill and many others. Author himself defines his creativity as «techno with different shades of moods – from deep atmospheric dub sound to pushy and aggressive groove, forcing to feel different emotions, but at the same time remaining within the framework of this techno-music." Nowadays the work of Unbalance claimed by techno-labels scattered around the world. In the record of the musician’s cooperation with many major labels, such as the Ukrainian Indeks Music, Australian Gynoid Audio, Italian Sonntag Morgen and American Thema. In his DJ sets Unbalance always loyal to his style of deep and pulsating sound, plunging into a hypnotic dance-floor euphoria, regardless of location – a large-scale raves or private parties.