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Ultan Burke

Auckland, New Zealand

House, Tech House

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Bio’s are always difficult to write. You want to get across exactly who you are and what you stand for but in a light hearted jovial manner, unfortunately proceeding to “commission” someone else to write it for you just won’t cut it for me so i have decided to write it myself.

I started Djing in 1998. I was working as a glass collector in a small club, in the back end of nowhere and on one cold miserable Wednesday night the resident DJ just didn’t show up for his gig.

As the crowds started to queue up, the club manager panicked, buckled and after months of pleading gave me my first gig.

10 years, 22 residences,multiple gigs across the UK, Ireland, Spain, Ibiza and 2 club tours later I arrived brimming with confidence in New Zealand and i just haven’t looked back.

My passion is for everything house, deep house, vocal house, bass house, house house and everything else house.

Since 2008 I have had residency’s in all but two (maybe three) of Auckland clubs, gigs across the entire two islands of NZ, tours of Australia and a single release that hit no.1 on, so I guess I have done ok.

Hopefully, there will be a hell of a lot more good times to come in the future.

Stay positive, don’t be a hater and hit me up with whatever may be on your mind as I always love to help where and when possible.