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Strasbourg, France

Progressive House, Trance

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Club Trance & tech trance & tech dance is fast becoming the next trend in dance music around the world. UME Dj’s are at the forefront of a modern dance music revolution, and they are only just getting started !

UME dj’s are like what Pendulum did for drum & bass, Laurent Garnier did for techno, Armin Van Buuren did for Trance, Daft Punk did for french house music, when somebody popylarize a new style music with their live performance and radio performance

Well where do UME Dj’s start ?

UME Dj’s is the result of 2 french djs meeting since 2007 : Dj Stef & Joy. Two Friends united by their common passion for club & trance sounds. They spent their teens mixing and learning the music separatly before to meet together at a party where both were on the line up. They led together some radio (Club’in One, Let’s Go Zik) and organized several party (Club’In Party, Let’s Go Vortex, Electro Shock, June 21 music festival). They each created their podcast (Happy’n’core, Trance Connection, Hard Dance In We Trust) They played in some big club : Showbizz ( France – Colmar ) , Elastic Bar ( France – Strasbourg ), Iceberg ( France – Strasbourg ), Vortex ( France – Surbourg ), Dôme ( France – Mutzig ), Colysée ( France – Brumath ), Spirit ( France – Wolscheim ), Evideance ( France – Selestat ), Electrochok ( France – Dôle ), La Laiterie ( France – Strasbourg ), Embuskade ( France – Strasbourg ) They played in some famous radio : RBS, Let’s Go Zik, Puls Radio, W Fm, Gay Radio Quebec, Zic Radio, Frankoradio, Liberty Fm, Di Fm,, NE Radio, Datagram Radio, UV Radio, Clubberry Radio, Eilo Internet Radio, Technotronixx Meeting today, became talented and experienced dj/producer/promoter, they will offer in the club and through UME the best sounds with passion and originality to become an

Universal Music Evolution