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Tyler Clark

Tennessee, United States

Open Format, Trance

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Tyler Clark is a young DJ with a fresh new style of music unlike what many have heard. When asked how he creates his music Tyler said, “It just comes to me you know, I just sit down at my piano or keyboard and see what flows out. Then I begin to translate it into what you hear. I’m usually never satisfied with what I create but people seem to like it so I keep doing it.” You bet people like it, Tyler’s main outlet where you can find all of his music is on his youtube channel: tylerclarkofficial . In less than three months Tyler accumulated over three hundred subscribers and thousand of video views with all 4.5 star ratings or higher.

Tyler also mixes, masters, and produces all types of music as a side job. He is currently unsigned. He is also known for giving away free downloads of his music and giving advice to beginning producers for mastering and mixing with any DAW. This young man will go far, no doubt.