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DJ Twisted Vision is born in Bahrain and started very young in the music field. Although lot of women like music but DJ Twisted took music as her passion from the very age of 7 years. People dream but she actually made her dream come true.

It all started when she joined her school band as the little drummer and her unique sense of music grew by the years. To enhance her talents further, she learned Violin and Guitar in the Bahrain Music Institute and performed well applaudEd Solo performances, at various platforms.

She has been creating her own mixes and started compositions in 2003. Lately because of the her love for Tribal House music, she is creating varied fusion music mixing the Tribal and the Middle Eastern beats, using Tribal instruments.

Although Twisted has played in many private parties in Bahrain, her biggest breakthrough to reach a bigger crowd came along in the year 2008 show Choose your way to dance, under the banner of DJ Jackson. Since that gig she became an official DJ Jackson Productions member and had the opportunity to expand and get voted to be No. 2nd best DJ in Bahrain & No.1 Female DJ in Bahrain. One of the most memorable compositions of DJ twisted working along side DJ Jackson was the track Sunset Base, which was released the Bahrain Radio 96.5 FM.

Adding another feather of success to her cap, recently she was recently interviewed by the COEDS magazine covering 6 pages and was in the cover of the May 2009 issue.

DJ Twisted does not believe having any full stops in her life and just like the music track, her life is full of rhythm. A part from being an established DJ she is not only perusing her further studies in music, she is also an IT professional, working for a renowned Bank. Juggling many talents at one time has now become her art.

These are some of her well known shows done in Bahrain, warming up for DJ Jackson at Coral Beach Club, closing for Alex Gaudino at the Radisson SAS Bahrain, AlDar Island Lunar Party in Bahrain, warming up for DJ Anna Kiss at Coral Beach Club, warming up for Tara McDonald (main singer for David Guetta), Twisted in the House at Brazil Lounge, Twisted Tranquility at Brazil Lounge, Fever at Brazil Lounge, Halloween in Z-Club, The First Bahrain Rave in New Year 2008, Twisted in Women’s Day at Z-Club, Twisted Live at the Old Irish Village, Twisted in the House at Z-Club and Bahrain International Music Festival.