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Twinz Beatz

Miami Beach, United States


Deal Records, Le Gatte Records, Mixmash
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Having risen to international recognition with Billboard* chart successes such as ‘Back Broke’ and IMA ‘Song of the Year" for Best Dance/Electronica nominations’ for ‘Wonderland,’ Twinz Beatz career has continued to develop thus turning them into international phenomenon’s who never fails to win over fans with their unique approach to producing and spinning music. Although Miami based, these international DJ’s and producers tirelessly work to fit everything into their hectic schedule whether on a plane or in a hotel room as they travel the states performing to fans at the states best clubs/festivals and Venues.

Born in one of North America’s largest cities and state, Newwark-New Jersey, as Joseph and Joshua Rodriguez (identical twin brothers), Twinz Beatz later moved to The Sunshine states sunniest locale, Miami where their passion for hip-hop and electronic music grew and eventually manifested itself in their decision to become DJ’s and producers. Their aggressive mixing skills coupled with their ability to effortlessly remix various popular musical tracks and their understanding of how to work a crowd has made Twinz Beatz one of the most popular DJ’s on Youtube. A purveyor of smashups and remixes, Twinz Beatz has helped spread the sound of Electronica to a devoted audience, marking Miami an important player in this global industry. Their own #TeamnoSleep club concept has evolved from a small social concept to a driving force of fans devoted to the love of House/Electronic music by Twinz Beatz.

Twinz Beatz touring schedule is impressive. Playing headline sets at the country’s Premier clubs, Twinz Beatz regularly touches down in NY, Chi, Canada, and of course their own home town Miami. Twinz Beatz holds residency in Miami where they are based and twice a month play LIV’s sister club Arkadia’s “Pool Party,” The Mid in Chicago, Nikki Midtown in NY, Amnesia, Louis, Coco Devile, Vice, and of course Arkadia in Miami. Twinz Beatz is also a regular at festivals such as the World Electronic Music festival (WEMF) in Canada not to mention their countless other gigs they play around the Country. As their #TeamnoSleep continues to spread, it seems the era of Twinz Beatz’s domination is only just beginning!!