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Beaverton, United States

Breaks, Electronica

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Djtwin started his career in 1984 in Oregon City, Oregon. Working at the age of 15 as an assistant to a local cable television studio Djtwin learned fast how to edit.

Working at home with nothing more than a turntable and a tape player. Hitting pause and record at the right time, was the first editing of music Djtwin did.

Taking a tape of his Taylor Dayne remix to a local nightclub called The City, the crowd instantly enjoyed the freestyle editing and furious restructure. Being offered a job as a dj was the first step in the long process of what is today.

From Seattle to Los Angeles Djtwin was playing in nightclubs and more importantly helping to form entire concepts of what made a night entertaining.

Producing Television programs that promoted the nightclubs he was working in, hosting events and doing social outreach was one way Djtwin was able to build fan bases at times when he wanted to.

Djtwin has played in many states over the years and even as far away as Germany.

Over the years the name Djtwin has been used by many Dj’s. Stan Ashford maintains that he was the original and first Djtwin.

Many people have asked why the name Djtwin. Stan tells us that the name was chosen as a tribute to a Gemini friend he loved very much who passed away many years ago.

Of course the original Dj names Stan went under were not Djtwin.

Initially Stan chose his Dj name from a sign on a road. “Property Managed by S.G. Lord”