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Istanbul, Turkey


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DJ TWEEN was born in 1985 in Rize for doing the job which is a lifestyle for him. Since a young age in their best period of music that can be analyzed as a listener and a fabulous DJ Tween in 2000 with the support of this work was laid around the musicians.

First, 2003 was sent to Club 17 in the Taksim most popular DJ in the life of its own private version of the song with the mix has added a new value.

However, he began to give more weight to their own productions. In the field of music itself has developed a lot about. Need to play the instruments, both with a different sound that focused on software.

He made performance of parties in various parts of the Universities in Turkey.

In contact with people who choose music and music culture out of the ordinary, DJ Tween ’majority in the house music and tribal music in the forefront of infrastructure that is to be clearly noticed.

Currently continues to work in their private studios. From time to time virtual environment that blends with the audience and we will share..DJ Tween is always be prepared for surprises, because he will surprise you.