Top 50k on The DJ List


Cottbus, Germany

Electro House, Tech House

Farb-Ton Records, Nachtwandler Records
Turntablehoshis Beatport


Residents @ Schallwerk – Cottbus & Club Achtermai Chemnitz.

They recruit themselves from the two German SCHALLWERK Residents Cult Jam & Double C. both are already for many years in completely Germany as Dj`s active and enjoy absolute respect. Both push not only the public, but if them play themselves and thereby singular Entertainer at the Turntables is. Their sound is absolutely measure compatible and sticks on like a virus. In order, it continues to admit to make this sound this year their first publication on the market will bring.

In the meantime over 30-years old the German DJs C.J. & D. C. are to be thought meanwhile from the very active House and Electropopszene of Cottbus no more away and present regularly in the most announced clubs of the city and environment. To pull loosely the two carried out the idea as a team then end of the 90’s, by some common Bookings. Already soon the conversion to a team disbursed itself. Apart from an outstanding technology at the mixer it distinguishes a special feeling for tendencies and harmonies, which it into atmospherically close and very varied DJ set convert. They could establish only short time than resident DJ’s of the popular Cottbusser Events “Boogie Night Club” and the now already legendary Schallwerk of Cottbus, one the absolute top address for later finest themselves sounds in Germany. Over the years regular Gigs in the Kubus (Cottbus) was added, Club Achtermai (Chemnitz), Velvet (Leipzig), Nostromo (Goerlitz), Triebwerk (Dresden) and many more. The Turntablehoshis is meanwhile ever more frequently Germany far booked and could prove their Entertainment e.g. in the summer 2002 on the Fichtelberg (freiluft music II), autumn 2003 MTV Battle OF DJ (Schallwerk Cottbus), as well as several years (1999-2003) on different LOPARADE Trucks. Common Events with star such as Lexy & K. Paul, George Morel, Boogie Pimps, Eric D Clark, Kid Alex, Tyree Cooper, Westbam, Tom Novy, RUSH, Chris Liebing, Africa Islam, Ironbase, Ellen Alien, Woody, Cle, Tok Tok, Rok, Terry Lee Brown junior, LaD IDA, Marco Remus or Gunjah gives them new inspiration and increasing Reputation.

Their style can be described best with the still little common formula: A boiler multicolored of the electronic dance music!

D. C.: House, Tech House and Electropop love, would like however only much cause hits to drop. A large part of our set consists of rather unknown pieces, although we recognize also the desires of the Party crowd and also now and then times a few hit pulls. Thus we would like on the one hand our completely personal style to develop, on the other hand in addition, the openness of the public promote. With us are the center of attention sound and Groove and not only the large names? The two can convert this philosophy at present best in the Schallwerk in Cottbus, where the tendency barometer always exhibits a high level excursion. C.J.: “The monthly DATE in the Schallwerk is an important highlight for us. The club pulled us by to be completely special, stylishes Flair and the very good acoustics into its spell. It makes simply enormous fun to rock there the extremely good public.”