Turn@Round Beatport


John Walker discovered electronic music in the early 90s after a friend turned him onto MARRS, Aphex Twin, and Moby. Growing up, John was exposed to a lot of country music, nuwave synth pop, and gospel. As a small child his love for music was nurtured and began to flower in church choir, where his mother was the director.

In 1998 he adopted the nickname “[email protected]” and began djing at local night clubs and one off parties in Dallas. His energy behind the decks pushed him into the limelight, and soon after he was playing at large multi-room raves like Meltdown 3 and Massiv. Since the early days he has had headlining gigs all over Texas and has traveled as far as South America to spread his message from inside the dj booth.

As his skill to move the dance floor flourished, John gained an interest in music production; he credits his mentoring to the likes of Josh Kynd, JD Northrup, and Sean Anderson. After months of working to master the tools of the trade, John had his first release, The [email protected] EP, on Fair Park. This record received positive press in XLR8R magazine in March of 2004 and has been getting heavy rotation from DJ Heather and the likes.

When asked what keeps him going on the music tip, he replied “… Passion for the music and my family are my two main creative drives. The process itself, for me, is a way to fill a void, express emotions that I can not explain, and achieve personal enlightenment…”

John Walker currently resides in Dallas with his wife, Crystal, and his son, Patchen. – Nina K.