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“High Energy 2010” feat. Tesz Milan (Housesession Records) 2010

“I like it 2009” feat. Anthony Locks (Housesession Records) 2009

“Girlfriend” feat. Oz (Housesession Records) 2009

“Finally 2009” feat. Tesz Milan (Housesession Records) 2009

“Jack beat” feat. MC Flipside (Housesession Records) 2009

“Make your body pop” feat. Tyree Cooper (Housesession Records) 2008

“Dirty Nasty” feat. MC Flipside (Housesession Records) 2008

“I see you watching” (Kontor Records) 2007

“Serenata – the Remixes 2006” (Housesession Records) 2006

“I like it” feat. Anthony Locks (Housesession Records) 2006

“Serenata” (M1-Recordings) 2005

“Mr. Roboto” (M1-Recordings) 2004

“Balance press conference” for Hugo Boss 2001

“Traveller”-campaign for Hugo Boss 2000


Eric Tyrell feat. Carl Avory “Wheels of Industry” (Housesession Records) 2009

Sosua & Mad “Supaconstellation” (Hed Kandi) 2009

Patrick Hagenaar “Work it” (Housesession Records) 2009

Edmond Dantes “No way back” (Housesession Records) 2009

Houseshaker pres. S. Courtier “Never leave me” (Housesession Records) 2009

Patric la Funk feat. Jenssen “Self Control” (Housesession Records) 2009

Peter Brown “Come together” (Housesession Records) 2009

Matt Deveraux & Michael Maze “Rollercoaster” (Housesession Records) 2009

The Good Guys “Get freaky” (Housesession Records) 2009

Steve Nash “Malaika” (Haiti Groove) 2009

Cassandra Steen & Adel Tawil “Stadt” (Universal) 2009

The Good Guys “Circle” (G Fab) 2009

DJane Angel D “Nightflight” (Pink Pirates) 2009

Tiger & Dragon “Rapture” (Lickin) 2009

Craig David feat. Monrose “Waling away” (Warner) 2009

Crystal Method “Bones Theme” (Warner) 2009

DJ Ceeryl “Set on the prize” (Twist my DJ) 2008

The Beatthiefs feat. Shena “You got it” (G Fab) 2008

Kid Chris “South Beach” (Open Bar) 2008

Dub Deluxe “Shout to you” (Lickin) 2008

MC Flipside & Pete Saint “Land of Electro” (PBR) 2008

Moris & Minor “Is this the groove” (Housesession Records) 2008

Funkerman “Speed up” (Kontor Records) 2008

Giulia Siegel “Dance” (Kontor Records) 2007

Sunfreakz “Counting down the days” (Alphabet City) 2007

Noir “My MTV” (Housesession Records) 2006

Wawa “Crazy Sax” (Housesession Records) 2006

Dub Deluxe “Rock da floor” (Lickin) 2006

Deepgroove “Girls & Boys” (UMM) 2006

Patric La Funk “Guitar track” (Housesession Records) 2006

John Dahlbäck “Nothing is for real” (Housesession Records & Toolroom) 2006

Eddie Thoneick “Whatcha do” (Egoiste) 2006

Hugh Hefner “Dance 2 Disco” (Housesession Records) 2005

Patric la Funk “You’ll never know” (Opaque Music) 2005

DJ Sneak “Funky Rhythm” (Housesession Records) 2005

Dub Deluxe “Sex on sax” (Housesesson Records) 2005

Amadou & Mariam “Le Realite” (Warner Music) 2005

Jean Roch “Can you feel it” (Warner Music) 2005

Timo DiRoy “Perfect love” (Ministry of Sound) 2005

Syke’n’Sugarstarr feat. Mel Canady “Can’t stop” (Egoiste) 2005

Michael Gray pres. Hi Fashion feat. Maria Lawson “Whatcha gonna do” (Housesession Records & Toolroom) 2005

Gaudino feat. Ultra Nate “Bittersweet Melody” (Housesession Records) 2005

Armand Van Helden “Everytime i feel it” (Housesession Records) 2005

The Beginerz “You’re losing me” (Housesession Records) 2004

Morris T. & Frjmo feat. Barbara Tucker “Let me be” (Housesession Records) 2003

Marc Kulak “Message in the music” (Housesession Records) 2002

Mantira “Mas y Mas” (Housesession Records) 2001

Marc Kulak “Hands” (Housesession Records) 2001

Lenny Fontana feat. Angie Blake “Reach for the sky” 2000

David Walker “Left with nothing” (Almost Heaven) 2000

Pushers & Pimps “U don’t know” (Waako Records) 1999


“Yes, it’s a Housesession Part 2” (Zyx) 2009

“Yes, it’s a Housesession” (Zyx) 2009

“Sexergy” 2008

“Housesession – 10 Years Anniversary” (Kontor Records) 2007

“Club Honeys” DVD 2007

“This is our Housesession” (Housesession Records) 2006

“Es Paradis Ibiza 30th Anniversary” 2005

“Our Rocky Horror Housesession Show” (Le Bien et le Mal) 2004

“Universal Language” (Qubic) 2003

“Live at Ibiza 2002” (M1-Recordings) 2002

“In the mix Vol. 2” (Housesession Records) 2001

“In the mix” (Housesession Records) 2000