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Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

House, Tech House

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Damir Tucakovic a.k.a. dj Tucca was born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Capljina he discovered his first and only love dance music. At first Tucca was influenced with mainstream German artists, but after a short period of time of oversaturated electronic scene he attempted to reinvent his tastes by venturing into the unfamiliar house scene. He bought his first turntables and a beat up mixer off e-bay and started mixing his father’s old vinyl. It wasn’t long before his unique musical talent spread through the many warehouse and underground parties in Capljina. Today he has become a favorite with many of the underground dance fans. He is currently working for an association “podrum” based in Travnik.

Dj Tucca’s discerning musical selection during his sets leave the crowds begging for more. His distinct style and interaction with the crowd coupled with his unusual mixing style of using up to three decks at a time are a definite crowd pleaser. His sets consist of switching between various styles of house ranging from deep, tech, and tribal to disco house; he likes to keep the listeners on their toes. Currently a resident at the elite Bosnian hotel, he spins for all major events hosted there.