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Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Tokyo, Japan

Electro House, Psy-Trance

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Born in Tokyo, Tsuyoshi travels the globe as a DJ, producer and musician and has an international reputation for being the hardest and most sophisticated trance DJ in the world.

As " Numanoid aka Tsuyoshi " he plays Electro, Rock, Techno, House

He is the Owner and Founder of his newest Electro Label Madskippers

In 1994 he founded the record label Matsuri Productions and is constantly traveling the world DJing and seeking the latest techno sounds from around the globe.

He was the resident DJ at the famous Return to the Source in England in 1994, and Twilo New York in 2000.

He has played some of the biggest electronic events worldwide including the Berlin Love Parade, Sydney’s Mardi Gras, the Fuji Rock Festival, Tribal Gathering, Phoenix Festival, Rainbow 2000, Earthcore and Return to the Source to name but a few.

He has been producing music since 1994 on literally hundreds of labels worldwide and has been the musical director for Issey Miyake and Versace (Tokyo).

In 1999 he started the monthly night at New York’s famous ARC (ex-Vinyl, Twilo). He returned to his roots in Tokyo in 2000 and started his own regular party Tokiodrome at the famous Liquid Room and from October 2004 he is back playing regularly in New York at BLVD.

He has set-up a new project, Feedback Recordings, Japan’s hippest psytrance/trance label based in Tokyo The first compilation was released in late 2004.

Tsuyoshi Suzuki has been part of many Goa trance projects, including Bass Chakra, Joujouka, Kailash, Prana, and Taiy�.

He played his first drum kit at the age of 12 and formed many bands, heavily influenced by electronic music.

After graduating from film and media studies at university in Tokyo, Suzuki traveled to India and Africa where he fell into the techno trance music scene.

to be continued ……

Why did you set up Joujouka and who are the other members?

My music background is fully �80s new wave and stuff. I was in a band as drummer when I was 12 years old. After DJ-ing for such a long time, I really wanted to do my own band. This is another way to express myself with music.

Funky Gong used to play guitar and vocals on his hardcore punk band, and came to JOUJOUKA�s debut live as a live support act. After that he became a JOUJOUKA�s member, starting DJ-ing, producing club music under the name of FUNKY GONG.

KAZ used to be a digital painter (mainly JAPANESE style) and I recommended to be VJ-ing for JOUJOUKA. His style is 100% anarchy and punk influenced unique VJ style. He has been playing already in Taiwan, Burning Man, NY and worldwide.

How would you describe the Joujouka sound?


What equipment do you use and what do you try and bring to your stage performance?

I use 2 or 3 CDJ-1000/Vocoder/Synth and effects. Iâ��m mixing lots of noises so no so much as performance style…Funky Gong is vocal and guitar stuff so he is more doing the rock approach on stage. And Kaz is using DVJ and VJ mixer, his laptop and so on…

How did you come up with the name Joujouka?

It�s from Brian Jones (ex-Rolling Stones) solo album in the late 60�s. The name of album is JOUJOUKA.The album was pioneering in its use of sampling concept. It wasn�t rock� roll at all! It was a very experimental album in that time! It was totally beyond the time age!