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Atlanta, United States

Hip-Hop, Trap

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Rising-star Trunks has an eclectic history in the Electronic music scene, with his roots in Trap music from his native Atlanta setting the path for him to move to Los Angeles, where he is currently based. Trunks has honed his sound after years on the DJ circuit, impressing audiences at some of Hollywood’s most reputable venues and his ascension hasn’t gone unnoticed.

He is quickly becoming one of the biggest names to watch on the up and coming DJ and production scene and the LA influence has boosted his love for EDM through his internship experience at Steve Aokis Dim Mak. This has widened his musical vision, enhancing his sets and productions with an even more diverse and unique sonic and stylistic palette.

Trunks’ online following has continued to grow alongside his group of adoring fans from his local shows, and he has racked up over half a million plays on his Soundcloud. His debut EP ‘Senzu Beans’ has been hotly anticipated, and is forthcoming in the next few months. Ready to show the world everything he has learned, and take the next step on his ascension to fame, Trunks is THE name to watch in 2018, with industry heavyweights and fans alike excited to see everything he has to offer.��

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