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Troij Lien

Norrköping, Sweden

House, Tech House

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Troij has long been deeply engaged, curious and interested in music that stands out and is innovative. Brought up on soul and funk began Troij listening to hip hop mixed with electronic music, such as Kraftwerk. As an b-boy, he also wanted to have some more crazy rhythms with an tempo, which set the foundation for Troij’s interest in musik.Troij is influenced by everything from funk and hip hop to house and techno but prefer to play music with lots of energy and some kind of funky-groovein it, whether BPM or style.

Troij play music and nothing else!?

Troij opened a record shop which he operated for five years in the late 90’s. Troij’s Skivor AB.

Black music with an emphasis on hip hop and all sorts of “dance” music was a good direction of the music that was sold there, preferably on vinyl. It quickly became a popular shop with clients from all over the country Sweden.

Troij have collected good hip hop, electronic and house music all his life which in time became a huge music archive on vinyl.

He was often home alone with his turntables and made mixtapes for friends who wanted to listen to odd music with cool beats with a “twist” in it.

Eventually, he became very good at mixing all kinds of music with beautiful rhythms from all types of styles.

Pub owners, club owners and party organizers discovered this and Troij became increasingly asked to play at parties and small clubs, when they wanted something “else and new” with a “kick”.

It turned out that Troij have talent as a DJ and therefore he got more and more jobs at big clubs in Scandinavia.

Troij also began with time to get other jobs, such as making mix tapes for various catwalk century, playing at various major events and private parties.

Troij is an “entertainer” who create and maintain their record player and has the ability to attract great people who follow him at various gigs. Troij play vinyl in combination with Serato, but he also mastered other techniques!

Troij has worked with radio stations, fashion shows, cool clubs and large companies where you want music with beautiful vibes but liked it best when he worked for about ten years as a club manager and resident DJ at the Palace nightclub in Norrkoping, Sweden. A club that had about 2500 guests a night and it was one of Scandinavia’s best nightclubs, with visitors from all over the country.

As a “small-town-dj” Troij would do everything possible to change the attitude to dance music at home, but he also plays outside his locality.

Troij love to help young people with the same interest and teach future generations DJ profession. He visits often different schools, music groups and youth centers to help, by telling young people about the DJ profession, teaching them to mix, teaching them different styles of music and tell them where to find legal music.

Troij will play music as long as anyone wants to hear him play it and he is currently building a studio.