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Trish Van Eynde


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It’s without question that when talking about Belgium’s techno world, Trish quickly springs to mind. She has steadily carved herself a well deserved spot into the Belgian and now also the international techno scene.

Her rise began when a friend of hers (Jan Van Den Bergh) introduced her to Peter Decuypere (at that time still running Fuse club before venturing out to start I Love Techno). Peter liked what he heard and swiftly made her resident at the Fuse club. A year later, she decided that running her label ‘Generations’ and holding down her residency was just too much and so her focus was set on dj’ing. Her residency at Fuse gave her the opportunity to play alongside most of the world’s leading techno dj’s like Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Sven Vath, Kevin Saunderson, Luke Slater, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Claude Young etc. This chapter lasted till 2001 when Trish decided it was time to turn over a new leaf and focus on producing and dj’ing worldwide, but still frequenting Fuse.

Trish Van Eynde has always been a ‘Detroit Techno’ dj, loving strings and melodic techno, a style that you can hear in her sets and productions.

While still playing a minimum of three gigs every weekend, Trish throws every spare moment she has in the studio. Teaming up with musical soul mates Sam Ostyn and Kobbe, she has already notched up several releases that are receiving the so much needed critical acclaim. Upcoming releases on Technasia’s MiniMaxima label and Laurent Garnier’s F? FCommunications means that they are taking their productions to a new level.

Keeping a careful balance between what the crowd wants and what they need, Trish will take you on a night of musical revelation that is more shortly put, a success.