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Trish Complete

London, United Kingdom

House, Progressive House

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Music ignited Trisha O’Brien’s (AKA DJ TRISH COMPLETE) passions from a young. As a teenager, she could often be found at all of the Bangalore /London pubs and clubs that were playing house music on a regular basis. She would often skip her classes to hang out with her friends and listen to house music, her thirst for the genre unquenchable. Although at that time she was in search of a party, it turned out that she was on her way toward finding a career. She decided early on that her future lay in music, a decision that allowed her to hone her focus quickly and efficiently. She has been djing in the most famous night clubs in London for past three years now which includes the legendary ministry of sound London, Egg night club, Pacha London, Qube and Many More. She is the first Female DJ from India/Bangalore /London to be djing in Ministry of sound at this very young age. It was great hurdle for her in the start, she had to show her countless hard work and talent to get there and do what she has to do. But it’s been three consistent years; she has learned the game now. And she is in the Game! It’s been absolutely proud to say that she has worked with most famous labels such Bedroom house records (Ministry of sound), and still being their main resident DJ, She knows how to spin the wheels to make people move on the dance floor.

Born in Bangalore, Trisha knew that the odds were stacked against her in the male dominated industry. When she had first gotten into Djing, the number of female DJs was even lower than it is now. Still, she continued to have faith in her dream, took an extra step and any time that the writing on the wall seemed to be saying she couldn’t do it, she made a point of reminding herself that she could. She learned how to mix from turntables, got a feel for the way they moved and the way they worked to make the sounds that they made. She was discovering her art during her time at the DJ Academy UK.

She was tutored by label owner and superstar underground hip-hop DJ Terry Hooligan a.k.a. Atomic Hooligan and DJ Academy UK owner Andy King. In addition, she draws inspiration both from the artists that she discovered as a child and from the artists that she now considers to be her peers. A participant of the Denon DJ Free Style DJ Competition at the BPM 2013, Trisha is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most talented and passionate DJs currently working in London.

Still a party animal and unrepentant about it, Trisha produces one-of-a-kind beats. She is an expert sound professional and proud to bring girl-power into every show, mapping up the energy of her crowds. Intimately aware of herself and of her music, she will bring your party to the next level and provide you with a mix that will brighten up your lives. She’s young, she’s energetic, she’s vibrant, and she’s always improving her work.

A world traveller, Trisha has played in Ibiza in the most famous night clubs such as Ibiza rocks, Eden, Kanye Pool bar many more and she will be soon Djing both in India and in Amsterdam before her monumental return to London. Creativity, innovation, expertise: these are the qualities that define Trisha’s skills.