Trippcore Beatport


Raised in Tenerife (Canary Islands), Jorge began to establish his roots as a DJ since his sixteen, when the OldSkool Hardcore ruled Tenerife. He succeeded in making a place in the scene by performing at several radio stations and clubs due to his fast mixing selection and scratching techniques.

Several years later he decided to enter the world of musical production with some friends, using the nickname “Trippcore” since then, and continuing later on completely solo in parallel with his studies. He always wanted to be ahead of the trends of the time and decided to introduce in his sessions other productions largely influenced by the Jump Up Drum & Bass, which made him to be considered a pioneer of this style in the islands.

He released a track in a local small compilation with some other local producers called “Endemica” whilst acting in some other cities in Spain like Badajoz, Jerez and Madrid.

Trippcore productions weren’t known across the pond until he started with the Catalan Digital Colour Recordings label with the release of Arcade / Keops (2008), which got the attention of the popular British Knowledge Magazine. He later worked with the American label Subsonik Sound Recordings releasing a new song called “Move Your Body” which featured voice clips, funky sounds, vocoders and synthesizers that made this track one of his most energetic tunes and a number one hit in major digital store charts like Beatport and Trackitdown for more than two weeks. He also appeared in many other charts of the greatest DJ’s and radios all around the international scene.

He is considered a DJ/Producer in continuous evolution, so every new production supposes a challenge in which he tries to merge his roots with the latest trends bringing a very characteristic and unique style as a result.